SSSA Visitors

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Published on Saturday, 01 January 2011 00:00
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SSSA members from other clubs enjoy reciprocity with WWGC. If you want to visit, you will pay club rates for use of our facilities.

TMG pilots who land on the main runway will have to pay the flying club landing fees. Use of the WWGC grass runway (25-07) is free.

Launch fees and club aircraft are at club member rates.

If you want to fly your own glider at Parys, please make your intentions known to the Chairman or CFI. Compliance with regulations will be confirmed prior to WWGC launching any non-resident glider.

Please present your logbook and license documentation to the instructor on duty.

Those seeking aerotow need to make arrangements in advance, our winches are always available but tug aircraft and pilots are by arrangement. That said - making a group and flying a camp from Parys has been a popular way to have some great soaring. The airfield is quiet during the week.